Visiting Catacombs of Paris

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The Catacombs is one among the most visited sites in Paris. The history of these Catacombs date back to the period of 1700s. It begins with the formation of the ossuary which was created from an old underground quarry. As the years passed, more amounts of remains were brought to this place from cemeteries which are overcrowded. This provided enough room for the development of the city.

Today by visiting Catacomb you will get a fascinating view about the former burial practice and for those with an interest in exploring such places this is a great choice. You can take a private Catacombs tour Paris to know more about this place.

The Basics to Know about Catacomb Visit

The tour to the Catacombs will take you to 135 feet or 20 meters below ground. Below this ground you can see world of lots of skeletal remains. You have to cover about one mile or 1.5 km to visit this place. It will take about 45 minutes for you to get to this place.

The Catacombs are not generally included in the part of standard packages of city tours. So you will have to get a private Catacombs tour Paris to explore this place. Experience this unique place as a standalone tour. The extra effort you will have to visit this place is worth it as this place holds a great history that cannot be matched with anything else.

Things to Notice Before you Go

It is better to buy a ticket to visit this place in advance to avoid waiting for a long time in long lines. The maximum visitors that are allowed to visit the Catacombs are limited to 200 numbers at a time. Bring a layer if you want because the temperature here is 57° F (14° C). No cloakroom is available in this place, so make sure to bring only important things what you might want to carry with you.

Wear comfortable shoes as you will have climb a lot of steps here. There are about 130 steps go down and a total of 83 steps to return for you to the street level. The Catacombs tour will not suit everyone because you will have to go underground to see this place and there will be human bones. So it’s not advised to avoid this trip if you are a person with sensitive disposition and it is also recommended to avoid bringing young children here. People with limited mobility and people those who have heart or respiratory problems will also do not get permission to enter this place.

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