Places That Offers Better Food in Paris

Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris

Most people who visit Paris often identify the place as the city of love, food, and varied cultures. Private tours Paris offers travelers a sensation of happiness which can be felt within the neighborhoods of the city. This happiness and love can also be seen in the food they produce.

Listed below are some of the top places that offer incredible food experience for travelers who visit the city.

Le Mary Celeste

It is a funky and open-air bar that offers its visitors who take private tours Paris great and energetic ambiance the very moment they step inside the place. You can see bright splashes of colors all around the place.

Le Mary Celeste offers great food experience to its visitors. Deviled eggs that are served along with scallions and a few pickled onions along with burrata which is made of tamarind and apricot are often the most chosen starters of this place.


While planning to visit this Septime, make sure that you get a reservation as the place would be busy all the time. You could spot a wine bar name “Septime la Cave” which is located at the corner of Septime and the sister restaurant Clamato.

The place is really small, but charming, and the menu of the place’s wall has a list of all the three kinds of olives, cheese, and beef with mozzarella cheese of the day. It also would have a couple of other offerings along with it. You could get the chance of complimenting these with one or two glasses of wine which mostly offers you a fine and enjoyable French experience.


Holybelly is a fun and quirky place that offers a bit of great American feeling to the customers. The place would mostly have music that is heavy on Prince Spectrum and Michael Jackson; it also offers free Wi-Fi for the people who come and spend their time to work. You can get your plate of breakfast with eggs and champignons, halloumi, and yogurt along with the choice to go lighter by choosing some pudding, fruit, granola or yogurt.

Du Pains Et Des Ides

This famous restaurant is situated in Saint Martin, which is only at a five-mute walk away from the canal. Chocolate pastry and pistachio are two attractions of this place which makes most people recommend it for others. The place also stands as a portrayal of the casual sophistication as well as French refinement and offers a relaxed environment for enjoying a meal.

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