Where To Find The Best CBD Oil In Paris

As you might know, cannabidiol is procured from industrial hemp and is one among the hundreds of hemp-based chemical compounds that are known as ‘phytocannabinoids’. Selling a hemp CBD product containing 0.02% tetrahydrocannabinol is legal in France. The nation produces hemp in the world’s second-biggest quantity. When it comes to the quantity of hemp made, it is second only to China. There is no dearth of quality hemp derivatives out there.

CBD has already made much excitement in France. It is so popular that CBD cosmetic products debuted even at the 2020 edition of the ‘Paris Fashion Week’. Besides, this year’s ‘World CBD Awards’ is scheduled to take place in the French capital. People in France are looking forward to discovering which product will be crowned the best CBD oil in Paris award at Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel. For your information, the event is slated to occur in this hotel from July 15 to 17, 2020. Whether it will take place as planned depends on the status of the coronavirus pandemic then.

CBD offers many different health benefits without any psychoactive effect. So quite naturally, many in the city are seeking CBD products of the highest quality. On that note, let us dive straight into the list of retailers that deliver CBD products in the City of Lights.


This online store sells CBD buds, CBD pollen, and CBD oil. All of the marijuana varieties that come under the store’s ‘CBD Flowers’ section are rich in cannabidiol. The store’s CBD buds have 20% cannabidiol content on average. For a more potent version of the substance, there is pollen on the website that has 33% cannabidiol. It has the greatest cannabidiol content of all CBD products available there and comprises a substance called ‘pollen’ that makes it very pleasant in taste.

For those who are searching for a less potent version of cannabidiol, it has the substance in the oil form. The only thing is that you cannot smoke the oil available there.

CBDMinute positions itself as a ‘Swiss-quality’ cannabidiol seller. This means that each product available in the store has high quality. At least, this is the case on paper. Swiss products are known for their quality because people make these with much care.

Another important aspect of the store is that it only offers low-THC CBD products, which meet the European Union’s legislation. It delivers products to any place in France. So you can easily purchase from the comfort of your house in Paris city too.

Perfect Time

This company situated in Paris is a part of the Syndicat du Chanvre (Professional Hemp Syndicate). It offers CBD buds, CBD oils, plus some products that can be used to grind CBD flowers and others that are for the storage of these cannabis buds. The oils are produced with non-GMO plants cultivated in Europe. The plants are produced with no herbicide, pesticide or chemical fertilizer, and these herbs contain no genetically modified organism. Therefore, these are categorized as ‘GMO-free’ products.

Perfect Time claims that it offers CBD in the oil form to give customers “authentic moments of quality and relaxation.” The company is very transparent when it comes to communicating its product features. The CBD buds of it are picked from top manufacturers in France and elsewhere, and some of these are award-winning products.

Le Lab Du Bonheur

This coffee shop is at 47 rue Malte in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris. For your information, Paris city is geographically separated into 20 administrative districts, which are known as arrondissements in the French language.

Different kinds of cannabis products are available in Le Lab du Bonheur. The facade is soberly painted, so it resembles a medicinal herbs store from the outside. However, after one gets into the coffee shop, he or she will experience a bohemian vibe in it.

Some Paris coffee shops were closed after law practitioners in France found these to be selling illegal products. Conversely, going by the information available online, it appears that Le Lab Du Bonheur sells cannabis that has no THC content whatsoever. There are some cannabis strains available here, with the rate being corresponding to cannabidiol’s price.

The store does not sell cannabis in the raw herb form, to fit the needs of clients who do not smoke it. Rather, it offers varieties of cannabis that can be used differently. You can find cannabis as oil, tea, or even toothpaste here. So the catalog of it is not limited to cannabis strains and oil high in CBD.

A good thing about a cannabis strain is that it will have both THC and CBD. Therefore, you will be able to have the beneficial effects of the latter cannabinoid, without the former’s psychoactive result. For an uninitiated, CBD can counteract THC’s mind-altering effect. So albeit there is a slight amount of THC in any strain available in this store, you will not be stoned after using it.


This is an e-commerce website for cannabis-based CBD products. Much like any other Paris cannabis store, you will usually find cannabidiol in the forms of flower, e-liquid, crystalline powder, oil, and resin here. The highlight in the Okiweed catalog is a range of CBD flowers. The cannabis strains have 13% to 23% cannabidiol and below 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol. These products satisfy the strictest requirement that comes under the EU legislation, that is, the 0.2% THC level.

Most of Okiweed’s CBD cannabis flowers are filled with different kinds of flavors, such as lemon, strawberry, and so forth. An unflavored version is the one named ‘CBD Amnesia’, which contains 22% cannabidiol.

It has three CBD resin products: ‘Skunk’, ‘Amnesia’, and ‘Kush’. The first two resins have 20% cannabidiol, but the third one contains 5% less phytocannabinoid than it. Okiweed plans to launch more products soon.

Le Chanvrier Francais

This is among the handful of CBD stores in Paris that have customer reviews on the internet. You might be able to tell whether a web-based CBD store is ethical the moment you enter the site of it. Almost every European CBD store forces each visitor to confirm a pop-up message that asks whether they are a minor or an adult. The same thing happens when you visit this Paris CBD store. You cannot explore the website without confirming whether or not you are aged 18 years.

Le Chanvrier Francais sells CBD items, including the flowers and the oils. It has two CBD oil products that contain cannabidiol, and that has no THC content. So you will not have any intoxicating effect after consuming any of these products. If you want to try cannabidiol in the edible form, then there are ‘CBD Honey’ products with many different flavors on the store.

Green Owl CBD Store

There are Green Owl boutiques in Paris and Toulouse cities. Green Owl offers CBD products with THC in the below 0.2% level, so the use of these is fully legal in France. On its web store, you can discover hemp derivatives that include CBD buds, resins, capsules, e-liquids, cosmetics, and oils. The CBD oils available here contain different levels of cannabidiol. The CBD level varies from product to product, but overall it falls in the 5% to 20% range. So there is the option for you to purchase a product with the potency of CBD that most suits you.

Two of the cosmetic products in the online catalog are a lip balm and anti-aging cream containing cannabidiol. There is also CBD in the crystalline powder form, the purest type of cannabidiol out there. Also categorized as ‘CBD isolate’, this product has no other phytocannabinoid but cannabidiol. It is the best CBD in Paris for an individual who wishes to avoid the occurrence of THC entering the bloodstream. You might wish to avoid it to pass a substance screening for THC, as part of a job recruitment process.

The physical store is in the eleventh administrative district, along Rue de la Folie Méricourt. For your info, the French word ‘rue’ means street.


This is another Paris coffee shop that sells cannabidiol and other cannabis derivatives. It sells CBD in various forms, including the oil. The Puteaux-based store chooses not to sell any CBD product that you can smoke. The shop owner, Stéphane Bélaiche told many publications that it sells no smokable CBD products to let individuals discover a different, enjoyable flavor.

E-Klop was started before the French government authorized the public use of cannabidiol products. So, it sold no CBD product for a few years. As stated above, some coffee shops in Paris were shut down, but ‘E-Klop’ is one that has stood the test of time.

DR Smoke

This is a CBD store situated in both Cannes and Juan-les-Pins. DR Smoke also sells CBD products through its e-commerce website, and it offers a nationwide delivery service. So you can purchase a CBD product on the website, and have it delivered to your Paris residence.

The E-catalog of it includes CBD flowers, CBD oils, CBD candies, and resins. DR Smoke claims that it chooses the finest CBD items in France. Its CBD buds are cultivated with no chemical. The concentration of cannabidiol varies from flower to flower. ‘Harlequin’ has the greatest cannabidiol concentration of all the CBD flowers available on the store.

Cannabidiol can dissolve in fat. To take full advantage of cannabidiol, you must add it to liquids that are high in fat, like oil. So it is ideal for you to use cannabidiol in the oil form for the concoction. The potential benefit of doing is that consuming the mixture will make cannabidiol more bioavailable.

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