What To Look For In An Israeli Holocaust Asset Attorney

Several Jews who invested in Israel-based real estate passed away in the gruesome Holocaust period. The investments should go to their successors. Are you a descendant of them with legal rights to any of these assets? If yes, you might wish to hire an Israel Holocaust property attorney. Shared below are five things to consider when selecting this lawyer.

Their Area Of Law And Experience

An Israeli person may choose whichever practice area of law that they want. To make sure of selecting the right attorney for you, look for one with experience who is specialized in restitution law. This is because you are pursuing an Israeli property restitution case. In the event of pursuing some other case, you would have to seek a lawyer who practices in that area. An example would be an immigration lawyer if the case is related to immigration.

Their Location

It is a potentially significant criterion for the convenience of yours. You would have to physically contact your Israel property restitution attorney at many different places during litigation. In the event their office is near your workplace or residence, it would be easier for you to regularly meet them.

Their Language Proficiency

There are several immigrants in Israel, and individuals tend to prefer dealing with law-related matters in their native language. This means if you prefer speaking English, think about finding an attorney who is well-versed in the language. Top law firms in Israel offer services to a diverse set of clients in multiple languages, including English and Hebrew.

Their Availability

You must determine whether your future attorney will have the time to invest in your case. This is especially important when hiring someone who works at an Israeli law firm, with numerous other attorneys. You have to avoid facing a situation where you meet with an experienced lawyer there, only to see the case being assigned to a junior attorney later. In the event this happens, it would only frustrate you. In this regard, it is wise to ask them how long your case would possibly take.

Legal Fees

Be sure to be aware of the amount of money you will have to pay them as their service fees. The cost may vary by case and lawyer/law firm, but try to get a ballpark figure before you hire them. Knowing this is important because the law-related service charges are quick to add up.

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