Top Sustainable Picks for Packing While you are on the Move

Clothing Manufacturers

The key to planning to go out of town is always having careful preparation, as every decision on your travel often makes huge impact on the environment – for the better or the worse.

It is often a good thing that globetrotters and local travelers are becoming more concerned about reducing their footprint while traveling. Many latest studies have revealed that about seventy-two percentage of travelers believe in acting now and then for making their travel choices more sustainable to save the environment. Many travelers these days go for eco friendly clothing options offered by various clothing manufacturers in the country.

Here are the most eco-friendly and essential products that can be included in the baggage of a traveler. You can click the link for more updates.

All the Wild Roses

All the Wild Roses are dresses made out of cotton that often offer a bohemian model of fashion for the change-makers and dreamers. This is 100% sustainable and is made of upcycled fabrics that become surplus. It is chosen as an ultimate travel dress as it is reversible and as it can be worn with a T-shirt underneath it.

G Viteri

G Viteri often manufactures ethical handmade bags, hats and scarves in Ecuador using many locally available eco friendly materials and traditional methods of production. It is beneficial in reducing the use of packaging and mostly uses packages from complete post-consumer waste materials. Many eco-friendly materials are used by this brand that includes traditional toquilla straw.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A mostly offers swimsuits and specially designed beachwear, and these are mainly made locally in the United States. This is a cute and trendy piece of dress that features a California-cut bottom and an open low scoop back; it is also made using recycled nylon.


A sustainable packing list is never complete without having some eco-friendly sunglasses, and this is often a stylish pair. Komodo is been made of bamboo temples and recycled materials and has the benefit of protecting your eyes as it has UV400 lenses.


It has been first designed in France and was made in Brazil, and it makes many ecological and fair trade accessories and sneakers. The effortless and vintage-inspired styles by them are sustainable and are made out of wild rubber and organic cotton, which can be a great choice for travelers.


The Blackhole collection of luggage from Patagonia is made using 100% recycled material and the textile path of the whole manufacturing process is traced, making sure that each step of the process is a sustainable one.

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