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When planning your private tours to Paris, an important thing that leaves you baffled will be the list of items that you have to pack. Paris is a great place where you can enjoy your time in a spectacular way, so don’t let it be ruined by your bad packing. Following are some tips that might help you to pack your luggage when you are leaving for Paris.

Make a list prior to the packing

Make a list of items that you have to take with you. Otherwise there is a high possibility for you to miss some items when you pack. It is easy to cross check the items you packed with the list to see if anything is missing. So create a vague idea of the items you will need, and then correct it, short list and finalize it.

Take comfortable clothes

Paris is a city of great fashion. But it doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a model. Wear anything comfortable for you. Whether it be jeans, trousers or skirts, make it casual and not too extravagant.

Don’t forget to take your sunglasses

Make sure to pack your sunglasses. It will help you to protect your eyes from the sun, especially in the summer. There is also another secret behind wearing sunglasses; you can watch the people around you without looking like a creepy stalker. This is one of the acts Parisians love to do, which is to watch the people around them.

Choose the right bag for you

Carry a bag which is suitable for you and which is able to contain all your necessary items. Whether it be a backpack or a tote bag, it should be convenient for you. You can choose a cross body bag which will be light and easy for you to carry. Such bags will also help you to avoid the risk of pickpocket problems.

Take a good book

This is a wonderful way to relax for a bit after wandering around the Paris city for hours. You can choose a peaceful garden, a sunny terrace, a cozy room, or a bench in a calm street to have some rest and relax your body and mind while reading a book you like.

Another tip that might be useful for you is to check the weather forecast. It will help you to choose the items to pack accordingly. Also leave some extra space in your bag when you leave for Paris. There will be a lot of things that you might want to bring home from this city, so it is wise to leave some room for them in advance.

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