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Exploring Paris has become a lot easier with the aid of technology. Now you can navigate to any place with the help of your phone. You can learn about the place that you are about to visit and trace the exact location in advance. You can also check the Paris private tours reviews to see the reviews given by other people regarding a place and decide whether the place is worth visiting.

If you are taking a private tour to Paris and have decided to explore the place on your own then this will be a great help for you. Paris has an excellent as well as a vast public transport system. But, it can also be quite confusing at times. So the company, RAPT, which is behind the public transport system of Paris developed a mobile application for aiding you to navigate through the public transport system of Paris easily.

The app developed by this company called ‘Visit Paris by Metro’ is available on both iOS and Android. You can easily find different locations using this well designed app. The app gives you detailed information regarding different travel options available to different places along with the time schedule for buses and other public transportation facilities. The maps to different locations are also available on this app.

The metro system of Paris can be quite difficult for a visitor understand because in order to get to a place you might have to board more than one train. So using this app, you will know when to get down from a train and when and where to board another train. The app allows you to download the map so you can use it even if you are offline.

This app is free and is easily accessible. It is really easy and comfortable to use this app. The app helps the users to avoid unwanted delays and prevent them from taking the wrong route.

Even though the app lacks some tourism features you can use this app effectively to find your way throughout Paris. If you are an adventurous person and likes to travel alone without the help of a guide then this app might be your life saver. If you are planning such a trip make sure that you have installed this app to help you navigate correctly through the daunting public transportation system of Paris.

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