Best Things to Do in Paris During The Fall Season

Best Private Paris Tours
Best Private Paris Tours

The weather in the dream destination of many tourists – Paris, is usually variable. The average temperature of the place varies from 17°C to a low of 8°C normally. It is very common to get sunny days during the early time of autumn, even though the evenings can be quite colder. There can also be days with rain too sometimes, mostly during November. 

There are many interesting things that people who take the best private tour in Paris can do – listed below are a few among them. 

A Walk through the Major Parks 

The fall season in Paris is very famous as it adds a new dimension to the city. The Seine is found to be more atmospheric on the cool autumn days than the usual days, as fine mist usually hangs on the water. Tourists can find street stalls and bouquiniste booksellers that are located near the banks of rivers. But to enjoy the best view of autumn colors in Paris, travelers might mostly need to walk through the Parks of the city. 

Even though popular places like Places des Vosges and Jardin des Tuileries have great foliage, Luxembourg Gardens is the favorite spot to enjoy the autumn in Paris for a lot of travelers as well as local Parisians. It is the largest public park in Paris that is about 22 hectares of land with piles of leaves to kick through. Most people head out for activities like playing and snuggling as the sun comes up. 

Take a Visit to a Cemetery in Paris 

Although the cemetery is not the place most people choose to spend their time when they are on their tours, the case is different when it comes to the cemeteries in Paris. It is because, during the fall season, the ornate tombs, stained windows, and sculptures are draped using colorful leaves. Many famous people like Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde rest in the cemeteries of Paris. 

There are over 1800 cemeteries altogether in Paris. The ones in the Montparnasse and Montmartre are extremely beautiful which makes tourists have them almost to themselves, except on November 1st, which is a national holiday in France on which people across Paris visit the cemeteries to lay flowers on graves of their ancestors.

Explore New Exhibitions 

The réntree is usually regarded as the beginning of a new cultural season when various performances, plays and exhibitions get launched. There is also an Autumn Festival that takes place each year in Paris during October and it lasts until year-end. It was started in the year 1972 and has various forms of music, dances, visual art events and films taking place at various venues in the city. 

The city also hosts a Contemporary Art Fair every year during October and it brings more than 1500 works together from all over the globe. Grand Palais which is glass-domed is the major venue for this art fair. It also takes place at the Petit Palais, Tuileries Gardens, Place de la Concorde, Place Vendôme, and MuséeEugène Delacroix.

Visit a Few Famous Museums of Paris

The autumn season is mainly regarded as one of the best seasons to explore the famous museums as they would mostly have various temporary exhibitions happening during the season. The museums would also be less crowded when compared with the summer season, which is when a lot of travelers come over to explore it all. However, the Louvre Museum does not usually get quite and less crowded like other museums. But by booking the tickets in advance, you can minimize the time that you would probably spend in the queues. Visiting the museum on Wednesdays and Fridays can also be a good option as it is opened late on those days. 

Paris is also home to several other museums that include Musee d’Orsay which is famous for the Impressionist paintings it houses, and the Rodin Museum which is famous for its sculpture garden. 

Get to Eat Comfortable Food 

The summertime in Paris is usually regarded as the time to enjoy some ham, baguettes, and cheese by the Seine. It is a time for the travelers as well as local Parisians to treat themselves with the best food in the city. Warming wintery dishes such as Pork and Bean Stew, Potatoes with garlicky cream, Beef, and Red wine Casserole can be great options for any person who is looking forward to enjoying the fall season in Paris. 

Cheese-filled dishes such as Raclette, Fondue and Tartiflette are also great recommendations for travelers by the local Parisians. The local people in Paris mostly like to stretch out the terrace season as long as they can. Also, many cafes offer blankets and patio heaters to the customers which makes them sit out and enjoy the sunlight as long as they want during this season. 

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