7 Incredible Hacks to Know When Visiting the Eiffel Tower

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Are you looking forward to planning Paris city tours? If yes, you are likely to be overwhelmed when it comes to planning your itinerary. After all, shortlisting a few spots or attractions from a pool of options is never easy. However, there will be hardly any person who does not include the Eiffel Tower visit in their itinerary. Some people may recommend you to avoid this option because of the huge crowd and other tourist traps.

However, this is one of the major staples of the city and you cannot wrap up your city tours without venturing this metallic beauty. Note that more that 7 million people tend to ascend this 324 meters high structure every year. So, if you are wondering about beating this crowd or making the best out of the Eiffel Tower visit, you may consider the brilliant hacks given below.

But Tickets Online

You can book your Eiffel Tower tickets via online to make it a hassle free process. Note that you can purchase your tickets as early as two months. Furthermore, the elevator ticket price to the 2nd floor and the top is 11 and 17 euros respectively. Unsurprisingly, the line for ticket holders will be much smaller. However, since you have committed a specific time for your Eiffel Tower visit way before, it will be hard for you to switch plans in case of unfavorable conditions like weather issues, health problems, etc. Be aware that your entry to the Eiffel Tower will be denied if you reached here 30 minutes late or more.

Consider Multi-Site Tickets

The tourism department of the French capital has devised the Paris Passlib in order to help all the tourists out there. With this pass, you can plan your tour more effectively and can save a good amount on your overall expenses as well. The packages for adults usually range from 40 to 155 euros for 1 to 5 days, respectively. In the former option, you can enjoy an amazing Seine River cruise and a one-day bus tour around the city. You can also access fast track entry to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower by paying an additional cost of 15 euros.

Consider Guided Tours

It is always better to consider the services of private companies to design your travel itinerary. Note that most companies offer ‘skip the lines’ tickets to their customers while visiting the iconic French monument. This type of guided tours will take to straight to all the Eiffel Tower floors without making you stand in long and tiring queues at the base. Plus, having a local expert with you will be always a good idea while climbing up the floors of this metallic beauty.

Visit during Off-Seasons

The best way to enjoy the beauty of this iconic monument to the fullest is to explore the structure during off-seasons. The crowd in the city during peak seasons is incredibly high and will be the worse when it comes to the Eiffel Tower. If you happen to be in Paris during peak seasons, try to visit the Eiffel Tower during the afternoon so that the crowd here will be relatively less. On a related note, the busy seasons in Paris usually range from mid-July to late August and the off-seasons will be during the fall. Besides, exploring the capital city of France that is highlighted by glistening snow all over will be a unique experience.

Make your Restaurant Reservation Beforehand

There are two restaurants in the iconic Eiffel Tower and booking reservations at any of these restaurants will let you skip the line. Note that both these restaurants have separate entrances. You can either choose the chic restaurant on the first floor of the tower. Otherwise, you may consider the exotic restaurant on the second floor of the tower if you are looking forward to an exotic dining experience. The latter option is way more expensive than the former and hence, will not be suitable for budget travelers.

Take the Stairs

You can reach the top this tall metallic structure either by means of elevators or stairs. Naturally, you may consider elevators to reach the top faster. However, you will have to wait in long queues for some time in front of the elevators even if you have already purchased your tickets. On the other hand, most tourists tend to avoid stairs and hence, you will not have to wait here for much time.

Plus, the price to climb up the stairs is almost half as of the elevator price. It is recommended to climb 704 steps and reach the second floor at first and then, consider elevator service to reach the top floor. Furthermore, it is always recommended to use stairs while climbing down the giant tower so that you can enjoy some unique and enchanting views of the city like nothing else.

Check the Weather

When you plan your Eiffel Tower visit, always check the weather. Note that fog and low clouds can easily obscure the monument and the picturesque views it offers. So, check the weather forecast before booking your tickets. Usually, the sun tends to burn up most of the moisture by mid-morning offering the tourists a breathtaking view of and from the tower.

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