Why you Need to Be Visiting the Montmartre

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Walking down the Montmartre is one thing that certainly bears being included in any tour of Paris. Named after the famous hill in the 18th arrondissement, which it surrounds, this district rates right up there with all the romantic places that a couple should absolutely visit in this lifetime. This place does loads more to wake up the artist in you than, say, Place du Tertre or the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. With its windmills, narrow alleys, and myriad other tiny details, it offers up a singularly fulfilling experience that no one ever forgets. Given that, it is small wonder that so many people claim Montmartre is the reason they love the City of Lights.

The Montmartre hill demands quite a bit of walking so that you can see the important landmarks scattered around; this is just the thing for tourists that arrive with a Paris walking tour in mind. Comfortable shoes and a bunch of accessories are not all you would need to make this fun though.

The history of this place is best enjoyed when you have a backstory on each spot, pretty much the same way as with the Louvre and d’Orsay museums, as well as several other interesting places in France. There, it would help to have information, which lets you observe the sights with a new perspective. You would almost certainly prefer and enjoy the occasional surprises Montmartre has in store as well, because these may well be what set your own experience apart from the typical touristy type.

Mouth-watering traditional French food is another aspect that Montmartre is famous for. Here, you get to sample diverse treats while you go around taking in sights; everything from famous cheeses to delicious pastries, incredibly tasty baguettes, and other delicacies is in the offing whenever you visit. All the better if French cuisine is the first foreign one that you get to know in deep detail – you could not ask for a better setting to have your eyes opened to the gastronomic proficiency and customs of this culture. Simply put, French food can be excellent, and Montmartre offers some of its finest dishes and drinks.

The best of Montmartre needs to be experienced firsthand, but before you decide to try it out, it would certainly help if you understood the place you were about to visit, as well as what would let you enjoy it to the full.

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