What Makes Paris the Music Capital of Europe?

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Paris is known around the world as a tourist location for those who love arts, romance, and lights. The city of lights is, without doubt, a romantic destination and a place to enjoy art exhibitions. Along with these, the city is also rich and has a very deep history of music and musical heritage. The city is also evolving at present in its music scene.

Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Yann Tiersen are all names one must know when studying about the history of music in the French capital. There are so many historically important institutions and other lesser-known venues, which hold the identity of music in the city. Even if you are on a tour to London, it will be ideal for you to visit Paris and enjoy the music scene here because it takes only a two-hour journey from the city of London to Paris.

Here are some of the important sights you should not miss as a music lover, on your Paris tours.

Palais Garnier

It is an opera house, which is considered by many as the most elegant music venue in the world. Once you visit the place, you will get to know that this statement was not wrong. The marble staircases, gold works and lights hanging from the ceiling make the venue as a place with great visual appeal. One of the paintings of famous artist Marc Chagall adorns the ceiling of the building.

La Bellevilloise

It is a center for arts and cultural performances including exhibitions, nightclubs, film shows, etc. It has a terrace on the rooftop and a massage area. The venue downstairs is the place where you can enjoy music which will be performed by new bands in the city.

Le Trianon

It is a concert hall in the city, which is known for its wonderful acoustics, beautiful ballroom and excellent programming.

La Machine du Moulin Rouge

It is a three-floored music venue that can also be considered as a bar/club. You can see the performance of French can-can dancers here.

Le Rex Club

For those who love electronic music clubs, this is the place to visit. It is one of the old electronic music clubs in the city. Recently, producer Laurent Garnier has led some makeover work in the club making it more attractive.


If you love to enjoy music in a royal setting head to Versailles. It will take only a short train ride from the center for you to reach here. You can have the view of King XIV’s residences and take selfies in the Hall of Mirrors. In the gardens, there is classical music piped in. There are also musical fountains here.

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