What Are The Things To Do At Disneyland Paris?

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Disneyland is considered as one of favorite tour destinations in the world. People come here to meet their favorite characters, whom they have seen only through TV. They have haunted mansion, big thunder mountain railroad, storybook land, canal boats, jungle cruise and various other rides and attractions to entertain people.

Disneyland Paris private tours make sure that the travelers are satisfied with the whole experience. Let’s look at some of the things to do at Disneyland Paris.

Watch Disney Characters on Parade

It is one of the must-see things at Disneyland. To name a few, you can see famous characters from toy story, jungle book and the lion king. These parades are usually conducted on evening. Make sure to find the right spot to enjoy the whole parade.

Try All Amazing Rides

Disneyland theme park has many awesome rides for individuals, couples and families. People can choose between small and large rides as there is something for everyone. Two of the most famous rides are the “rock ‘n’ roller” coaster and the “twilight zone tower of terror”. Other rides include “Indiana Jones and the temple of peril coaster” and the “braving big thunder mountain railroad”.

Take the Studio Tram Tour

It is one of the major attractions in the Disneyland. Studio tram tour helps people to understand various secrets of movie making. People are taken to movie sets and shown various movie props. The visitors are given opportunity to experience various special effects up close.

Meet your Favorite Disney Characters

Many visit Disneyland to meet their favorite characters. You get to meet Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, Goofy, Buzz Lightyear, Sleeping Beauty, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Pluto, Donald Duck, Chip, Dale, Spider-Man and many other Disney characters. You’ll be able to meet all these characters at the Walt Disney studio park.

Visit the Sleeping Beauty Castle

It is one of the iconic spot to visit in Disneyland. The sleeping beauty castle is build to amaze the visitors and it is a treat to the eyes. The castle also have a dragon called maleficent, hidden underneath the castle entrance.

End the Day with Illuminations

Disneyland conducts daily nigh show called illuminations to awe its visitors. This show projects images of many iconic Disney characters on the castle wall. People get to relive old stories and they will be able to cherish this moment for the rest of their lives. Make sure to find a good viewing spot to enjoy the whole show.

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