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Paris is reputed to be an all-rounder package for all the tourists out there. Note that the city has something in store for everyone; be it an adrenaline junkie, architecture lover, art enthusiast, history buff, foodie, or whatnot. Some of the main attractions in the capital city of France include the picturesque Seine River, Disneyland, Louvre museum, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, palatial restaurants, French poodles, etc. However, none of these matters if you did not indulge in a wine tasting experience on your private tours Paris. After all, France is reputed for its mouth-watering cuisine and high-quality wine varieties. No wonder, a number of wine buffs tend to flock to the country every year.

Wine Tasting Tours

In Paris, you can see several exotic wine parlors and bars that invite enthusiastic oenologists as well as the beginners. You can also engage with veteran wine merchants who are likely to present you the latest harvests that they have sourced. In fact, there are many tour companies that offer special guided tours to enjoy the best wine tasting experience in Paris. In such tours, you can meet winegrowers, take wine sampling classes from experienced sommeliers, interact with fellow wine buffs, etc. Note that wine sampling classes will help you learn to identify various flavors of wine and to compare their unique characteristics.

There are different types of wine taste tours available in Paris. Depending on the type of your tours, the representative will walk you through the best wine hubs in the city; they might take you for urban orienteering, or to a wine storehouse or a wine region, etc. Furthermore, you may seek help from Parisians to know more about the wine culture in the city. On a related note, some Parisians tend to offers a wine tasting experience to their tourists at their homes as well. If you are a wine enthusiast and would love to go on a wine tasting tour around the city, some of the ideal options that you may consider are given below.

Les Caves du Louvre

One of the perfect spots to experience the best wine tasting event is the caves du Louvre. This architecture is the former mansion of a sommelier expert who worked for King Louis XV. The mansion opened their doors to the public only a few years back. The authorities here invite their guests and take on the subject of wines in a sensory way. This will surely give you a surprising and exciting experience. Here, you can see five rooms that span around an area of 600m2 each and are equipped with different sense; touch, hear, smell, sight, and taste. These are the most provoking sensations to truly understand the enchanting beauty and taste of a wine. In the final room that is dedicated to the taste sensation, you will get to taste a number of wine varieties. So, if you are a beginner and loves to learn about wines in the best way possible, this is the right place for you.


Dilettantes is a champagne cellar and a wine parlor that is located at 22 rue de Savoie, 6th arrondissement. This place is mainly dedicated to best-quality champagnes and some exotic wine varieties. There are different flavors of wine available at this stone house. The vintages for this are selected and sourced from the vineyards of 25 best winegrowers in the country. Here, you can discover and enjoy a wide variety of exotic and rare champagnes and French wines at affordable rates. You can enjoy both tasting sessions and workshops at this stone cellar and it does not require pre-booking. So, this will be a great choice for the travelers who get to know about the wine culture in France right on their trip. If required, you can hire private sommelier experts and enjoy tailor-made menus.

Les Caves Auge

The main attraction of wines is their age. It is to be noted that with the age of the wine, its taste and quality tends to increase. Just like a vintage French wine, Les caves Auges as well tend to get better with the age. Opened in 1850, the shop has changed just a little that one can barely notice. There will be hardly any wine variety that you cannot find at this prestigious wine shop. Wines from the star regions of the nation such as the Burgundy, Loire Valley, Boudreaux, etc., are available at Les caves Auge. You will be amazed to see the way the wine bottles are organized at this shop. In fact, the wine bottles lined up on the walls will remind you of the books arranged on the shelves of a library. If you are new to this field, there are plenty of sommelier experts here to guide you. They will tell you the historical facts and stores behind every wine variety available here so that you can make the right choice. You can indulge in free wine tastings as well on particular days at Les caves Auge.

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