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Paris, also called the ‘City of Lights’, celebrates Christmas all over the city with all the spirits. During the time of Christmas, the Paris city would seem to be even more magical with plenty of decorations all over its streets. The stores of the streets would most often be loaded with the ‘last-minute presents’. Here are some interesting things you could do in Paris on a Christmas day.

You can Check out Various Attractions for Families

Making your children stay back at home on a Christmas day would be a really bad idea, and you should never think about it as there are plenty of things to do. There would be many carousels which would be installed all around Paris; visiting the Trocadéro Square, which is close to the Christmas market of the Eiffel Tower, offers you more activities and also a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Another choice for you to go with your children is Concorde Square, where you won’t be able to find any carousels but a High Wheel which will give you an enlightening look by Christmas lights. 

You can Rome around Through the Streets of Paris 

To roam around the streets of Paris city on Christmas day might be one of the best things to do. This can give you a warm experience where you could see people making final preparations for the dinner. The ambiance of the streets during the Christmas season amuses most of the tourists who make choices to visit Paris. 

You can visit the Christmas Markets in Paris

Walking around the markets of Paris city should be something you should never miss if you are someone who looked forward to exploring the exciting aspects of Paris during Christmas. There is a popular Christmas market near the Eiffel Tower. Tasting the hot wines and the crepes can be a good option if you are out in the city with your children. 

You can have Fun in Ice Skating Rinks in Paris

The building of Grand Palais in Paris which offers ice skating can offer the experience of having a wonderful time with your family. The entry to this place costs seventeen Euros between 10 am and 1 pm, and twenty-five Euros between 2 pm and 7 pm. It is one of the most fun ways to spend time in the city of lights before you start enjoying the Christmas delicacies that are made only for the Christmas season.  

Experience the Fancy Paris on Christmas Day

The city of lights is an extra luxurious city during the Christmas season of the year. There will be numerous attractions for everyone like the window displays of the Grands Magasins like the Galeries Lafayettes or the Bon Marché. There will be many designers who would present fairy-tale stories during the time of Christmas. 

You can choose to Have a Luxurious Dinner

There are numerous fancy restaurants in the city of lights for you to have a luxurious Christmas dinner with family. Fouquet which is a traditional French restaurant is one of the top recommendations for travelers and its menu includes lobster, Christmas Log for dessert, foie gras, etc. Booking in advance for your dinner can be helpful as the place would be busy at Christmas. 

Moulin Roug and Lido also are restaurants that offer special dinners and shows for Christmas evening. The approximate cost per person is 200 Euros.

You can go for Religious Christmas Celebrations in Paris

The Sacré-Coeur Basilica, Church of Saint Eustache, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral are a few churches in Paris if you want to celebrate Christmas with your family religiously. All of these places have exceptional choirs and special concerts for the midnight mass. Beautiful scenes of nativity are present every year.

Buy a “bûche de noël“

Bûche de Noel is a popular dessert that will be on almost all the Parisian tables for Christmas dinner. All the popular bakers compete to make the best and most tasteful bûche de noel. They also compete to make the cutest and prettiest presentation. Rue Montorgueil is a famous street that has numerous pastry shops and bakers that competes in making the popular pastry of Christmas. This is one of the most recommended streets for people who come from all parts of the world to get the best pastries, which includes bûche de noel too.

There is also a bakery named Stohrer from where also you can get delicious pastries. The shop opened in the year 1730 and it has been selling the best delicacies in Paris city since then.

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