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With the advent of Instagram, it has become very easy to find some of the prettiest spots in the world. Thanks to the photo-sharing application, some spots in Paris city have become very famous. Before social media, this was not the case.

Paris is a capital brimming with beautiful places, whose photos will fill your Instagram feed. If you are looking to have a different view of a landmark, or experience something slightly different, read on to this list of ten most Instagrammable places. If you lack photography skills, then consider taking a private Paris walking tour with a personal photographer. If you are a shutterbug with these skills, consider taking your DSLR camera along with you.

Arc De Triomphe

This famous French monument resides to the west of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. There are more than 250 steps to get to the top of the monument, and the climb may seem a tad intimidating. However, it is one worth taking because the view of Paris from the top is something else. From the top of the Arc De Triomphe, you will see buildings including the highlights of the Haussmann architecture spread far and wide.

La Maison Rose

A scenic pink maisonette houses this restaurant with conventional French cuisine. Situated in Montmartre, this restaurant has a reputation for being among the most instafamous places in Paris. It has earned that reputation because of its pink façade and since it is situated atop the rue de l’Abreuvoir, a quintessentially Montmartre-looking street. You will find fewer individuals here in the early morning, but the sunset light will look the loveliest over rue de l’Abreuvoir.

Pont Alexandre III

This bridge named after the Tsar of Russia is impressive from every angle. It has stunning elements, including Art Nouveau lamps, and columns placed on each corner with statues on them. These statutes are golden in color and have an air of opulence. Much like several other Parisian landmarks, the Pont Alexandre III bridge was also constructed as part of the Universal Exposition in 1900.

You will see many brides taking photographs here whenever you visit, all seeking the best angle to snap themselves and the stunning elements of the bridge.


If you are looking to make the most out of your private Paris walking tour with a personal photographer, then you should not miss the Royal Palace. You will be glad to know that there are many striking things here to capture in the camera.

The amazing art installation that is the Buren columns is named after its maker, the French conceptual artist Daniel Buren. You will often find kids playing around Buren’s black and white-striped pillars, decorating the southern side of the palace complex. Then there is the garden, with classic green chairs placed next to an attractive fountain and rows of symmetrical trees. When your photographer is done with capturing all these in the camera, it is a good idea to take the professional to Café Kitsuné nearby. Even if the weather is not conducive to photography, this is where you would want to be for a coffee until the weather clears itself.

Galeries Lafayette

The most stunning Parisian department store, Galeries Lafayette has a rooftop terrace from where you can have a stunning view over Paris city. Do not forget to also capture the multi-colored dome with Neo-Byzantine style which sits over the middle of the department store. It is a great place for photography all the year round – we suggest that you visit the 3rd floor and 4th level for a great view over the central rotunda. From November-mid to December, there will always be a massive Christmas tree here; if you are visiting then, your trip will be worth it for the tree alone.

Less Instafamous Spots

Avenue de Camoëns

We discovered this little street in Paris thanks to the knowledgeable Instagram users, who have been to this place before. On a repeat visit, they manage to stay rather calm in spite of the proximity of the avenue to the more popular Trocadéro.

Get to the space with the Eiffel Tower visible far behind and Hausmannian façades and street lamps on both sides of it for a true Parisian snap. Seeing that picture, we are sure that many of your Instagram followers will ask you where this is taken from.

Rue de L’université

This street situated in the seventh arrondissement/administrative district of Paris is home to many apartment buildings. Head to the western side of the street, to where the Eiffel Tower is visible in between two facades for a photo that will earn you many loves on Instagram. The lower half of the Iron Lady will be seen between those two buildings. Even if people get into that frame, just keep them instead of editing them out on Photoshop as that move will make your photo realistic. After all, you want your photos to look as though these have been taken at the spot, not downloaded from the internet.

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