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Paris is one of the spectacular cities in Europe that is ideal to spend your holidays. No wonder, the number of visitors flocking to the capital city of France is increasing year by year. Of course, an Eiffel Tower tour, a Louvre Museum tour, or a stroll down the Champ Elysees will be the amongst the top to-do things in the itinerary of most first-timers. However, you cannot simply wind up your private tours Paris without having a stunning panoramic view of the magical city.

Thankfully, there are countless hilly areas and sweeping viewpoints in the City of Lights, which you may consider to enjoy an incredible sight of Paris. It is recommended to carry decent cameras in order to capture the breathtaking sights, and also a Paris city map so as to spot the important monuments and other major areas on the skyline. Some of the perfect options that you may consider on your private tours Paris in order to enjoy the most spectacular panoramas of the city are given below.

The Eiffel Tower

There will be hardly any visitor who does not include an Eiffel Tower visit in his/her private tours Paris itinerary. In fact, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in the French capital city and you cannot miss out experiencing the beauty of this metallic tower when here. What’s more, as the Eiffel Tower is located at the center of the city, it also offers a magnificent panoramic sight of the City of Lights from its third floor. From here, you can enjoy a remarkable sight of the city up to the distance of 70km. It includes the countryside, famed-monuments, outskirts, suburbs, etc., of the city.

Further, you can see an infinite number of people swarming below the Eiffel Tower like small ants. If you want a relatively close-up view of the city, you can get down to the second floor. Note that it will be really crowded here, and hence, it is better to book your Eiffel Tower tickets beforehand so as to skip the long and tiring queues.

Montparnasse Tower

You will not get the complete picture of the City of Lights without the most popular Eiffel Tower in it. The best option to enjoy this picture perfect sight is the popular skyscraper in the French capital, the Montparnasse Tower. Note that the sight of the city from the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower is really remarkable and it covers almost every part of the city including its major landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Luxembourg garden, the Montmartre hill, the Louvre Museum, etc. This viewing platform will be enclosed with glass walls in order to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Furthermore, the open roof garden of the tower is accessible to the public and is perfect for clicking the postcard photos of the city. This roof garden as well is enclosed with glass walls. However, there are some strategic small openings on these walls here in order to click dramatic pictures of the city using your camera. It is recommended to enjoy this amazing sight at night when the entire city and particularly the Eiffel Tower will be illuminated.

Parc de Belleville

Parc de Belleville is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, located in between the popular Pere Lachaise Cemetery and Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. This park, which is located at a height of 108 meters from the sea level, is created on the hill slopes of Belleville. Inaugurated in 1988, Parc de Belleville is currently the highest park in Paris city.

The view of the city from the roofs of the garden is really admirable and the experience will be supreme during both daytime and night. You can stroll along the hills of Belleville in order to spend some romantic time with your partner as well. Furthermore, the nearest metro station to the Parc de Belleville is Pyrenees stop.

Arc de Triomphe

This 164-foot tall monument is one of the most popular viewpoints in the city that is sure to astonish each and every visitor. The main attraction about the sweeping panorama of Paris from the Arc de Triomphe is the twelve avenues that depart from the enchanting Place de Etolie. Here, you can witness a stunning symmetry of monuments including the Champ Elysees, Tuileries garden, and many other landmarks extending all the way to the popular Louvre museum. The other direction of the avenue leads to the Grande Arce de la Defense. The avenue that is crammed with monuments is known as the Triumphal way.

You will have to climb up around 284 steps in order to reach the viewing platform. Otherwise, you may access the elevators. However, you will have to wait for a long time in order to get into the elevator since it will be really crowded here. The best time to enjoy this awe-inspiring sight is obviously during the night since the city will be entirely illuminated. In other words, you will literally get to see the beauty of City of Lights from the Arc de Triomphe at night. Better, if you come here during the month of December when the entire streets in the city will be beautified with Christmas lights.

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