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Paris is regarded as one of the most romantic destinations on earth. The dreamy vibes and scenic beauty of the city are perfect to make anyone fall in love. No wonder, the city is also known as the ‘City of Love’. In fact, it will be hard for you to keep yourselves from being romantic irrespective of how macho you areif you are in the French capital to spend your holidays. In case you are wondering about romantic gesture to woo and sweep your better half off her feet, buying a pretty bunch of flowers will be perfect. Make sure to keep a small note saying how important and beautiful she is to take it to the next level.

The inimitable beauty and the irresistible aroma of your flower bunch are sure to play things magically. Furthermore, you must keep their personality and likes in mind as you choose the flower bunch for your significant others. While some girls will be extremely romantic and would love a colorful bunch of roses, lilies, or tulips, some women may prefer a ruggedly handsome cactus. Thankfully, you can find florist shops at almost every nook and cranny of the city. Two of the best options that you may consider in this case are listed below.

The Green Factory

Located at 17 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Green factory is the perfect option for a girl who loves everything natural and unique. As the name indicates, you can find a number of magnificent miniature glass gardens at this shop. Each of these creations is handmade and hence, exclusive and super-trendy. You can find several plant varieties at Green Factory that ranges from mini mulberry glass garden to eight-year-old bonsai gardens. The main attraction about this autonomous ecosystem is that you need to water it only a handful of times annually. Hence, your sweetheart will not have to stress about its maintenance.

Les Succulents Cactus

Another perfect option that you can gift you to your better half to cherish as a romantic souvenir of your Parisian trip is succulent cacti. This will be an incredibly appealing option if your partner is new to the field of gardening. Needless to mention, cactus plants require relatively less maintenance. Of course, you may find a number of options at local markets, but you cannot be sure of its quality. For this, head on to the Les Succulents Cactus florist shop located at 111 Rue de Turenne in the Marias neighborhood. You can find around 400 varieties of cacti at this place that even include decades-old ones that boast life expectancy rate of several centuries.

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