The Beautiful Walkways of Palais-Royal Gardens

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The spectacular gardens of Palais-Royal are one of the most beautiful places in Paris. These sill arcades and sleepy gardens are hidden in the center of the city. This peaceful garden is situated near the bustling Rue Saint-Honoré, nearby the Louvre Museum. The surprising element about this garden is that it still remains seemingly undiscovered by most of the tourists visiting Paris.

Once you come across its first inner courtyard, you would find Place Colette, and from there, when you go under the arcades you would reach the courts of the Royal Palace. This place is made beautiful by Daniel Buren’s columns. All of these artistic works gives you an amazing feeling as if you were in another time period of history. This place has many wonderful views, which include the manicured rows of linden trees, gated arcades, as well as shop windows full of old coins, medals, and silver cups.

The Coveted Garden

The Palais-Royal was the most important place of Paris when it was under the rule of the monarch. Palais-Royal also proved to be the residing place of the Comédie Française and the French Ministry of Culture. This lovely place is a perfect example of French elegance. You could people of Paris sitting peacefully beside the central fountain in order to read silently or to get the warm exposure of sunlight. The high-grade restaurants and cafes provide seating facilities to this charming garden during the months of summer.

This is also a perfect place for shoppers; you would also be able to purchase many items here like traditional French toys, collectible music boxes, eyeglasses, antique stamps and coins, eyeglasses, made-to-measure gloves and high fashion ready-to-wear. Even though it was a palace, it never comes in short of entertainment, leisure, and shopping.

Palais-Royal and Louis VIII

In 1642, Cardinal Richelieu built Palais-Cardinal here. He died shortly three years after was completed and left the place to his royal financer Louis VIII. He too passed away after some months. In 1643, the regent Anne of Austria, who was the widow of Louis, moved to this place along with her young two sons. Louis XIV was five and his brother Philippe I was only three when they moved here with their mother. The boys had many happy memories of running freely through the Palais-Royal gardens.

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