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Paris has a very long history that can mesmerize its visitors with what it has to offer. However, there is no shortage of modern attractions that keep rising in its horizons. Several new establishments live up to the grandeur of their old counterparts. Below is a discussion on some of the newest attractions that you can enjoy after your private tours Paris.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation For Creation

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, in the Jardin d’Acclimatation, is a cutting edge building that rises from the ground. It was made by the Louis Vuitton Foundation. It is one of the greatest contemporary workmanship historical centers in the capital city. It covers a general space of 11, 700 square meters. More than 700 specialists were included to finish the difficult assignment of erecting the mammoth heap of glass and steel. The place was planned by architect Frank Gehry, who is well known for his plan of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. The Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation will house a maximum of 11 art galleries and one conference room.

The Picasso Museum

Shut for a redesign in 2011, the famous Picasso Museum committed to the life and works of the well-known Spanish painter, the place reopened in 2014. The remodel of the exhibition hall was stopped by several issues and the reviving was pushed back a few times. In any case, admirers of the craftsman will almost certainly get good exposure to his work here. More than 5,000 bits of expressions will be shown in this historical center, situated in the Marais area of Paris.

Les Halles Canopy

The venture of redesigning the Les Halles territory of focal Paris has been progressing for some time and is intended to make an inviting urban condition by 2018. The plan was to fabricate 3,870 square meters of play area for kids, full with yards and seats. A hanging shade costing €1 million to shield the strip mall was also introduced. The transparent rooftop is 2.3 hectares wide, and will be held in position by 7,000 tons of steel.

The First Floor of the Eiffel Tower

This includes a transparent glass floor on the first level of this iconic monument. Visitors can walk over it and enjoy the breathtaking views. Note that this is not for the soft-hearted.

Paris city is filled with different kinds of attractions. There are also a few new additions to the city which are included above.

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