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Did you know that the concept of a department store was introduced in Paris city? In the 19th Century mid, the retail scene of the City of Lights evolved from standard covered passages to department stores. In French, they are called “les grands magasins”. They set up shop along wide streets, wowing people with ornate architecture, sublime interiors, and desirable merchandise. These stores changed the way they shopped, creating blueprints for the future emporia. The following are some of the seductive secrets of Paris private tours that you do not want to miss.

Le Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché, found in 1838 on the city’s left bank, was the first of its department store in the world. What was once a simple store, is now a massive department store, thanks mainly to the revamp that took place in the early 1850’s. Aristide and Marguerite Boucicaut wanted to make a type of curated shop that would thrill senses. Innovations comprised fixed prices, home delivery, an exchange service, concerts, seasonal sales, art, and reading room. Gustave Eiffel helped to extend the successful store.

Now, it houses a mix of luxe designer brands ranging from fashion accessories to beauty products, stationery, homeware, and books. Do not miss its Gallery of Imagination, which is known for showcasing cutting-edge international finds. All these and more make it one of the best destinations to visit during private tours Paris.


The actual Printemps Haussmann store in the city’s ninth administrative district is one of the listed historic monuments here. The first arrondissement, on the other hand, is home to the Printemps Louvre outlet. Printemps was the first store of its kind to install lifts as well as the first building in the country to be lit through electricity, only a few years after Thomas Edison’s invention of the electric bulb.

Aside from beauty and fashion products and accessories, the department store is home to the Brasserie Printemps as well as the Ladurée pastry shop. Get to the Printemps du Goût on its seventh and eighth floors where terrace tables provide panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and Palais Garnier.

Galeries Lafayette

A trip to the nation’s capital dedicated to shopping will be complete only with a visit to the Galeries Lafayette. The department store along the Boulevard Haussmann has a grand foyer, a neo-Byzantine dome (decorated with colored glass as well as ironwork) and a terrace for panoramic views. It is also a listed historic monument, loved for the ornate Art Nouveau style architecture.

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