Interesting Things to Do in Marché D’aligre in Paris

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Located in between the Seine River and Place de la Bastille, Marché d’Aligre is that vibrant tourist spot in Paris with all those popular markets, eateries, art gallery and what not. The significant spot paves the way for a perfect tourist destination, though moderate in the Paris private tours reviews, the place can be explored to a greater extent by your own. Moreover, none of the visitors will return disappointed of Marché d’Aligre, as it offers a wide range of splendid things to do.

Time for Food Shopping

Dating back to the 18th century, the covered market at Marché Beauvau along with the permanent shops as a whole is called as Marché d’Aligre by the local residents. Besides Monday, it is open on all other days. The market has several semi-permanent stands that are diverse with fruits and vegetables like berries, melons, and mushrooms. Stands of cheese, butchers, bakeries, fishmongers, flower, and wines complete the list of diversity in the stands.

Drop in the Viaduc des Arts

The pleasant café and artisan shops around the place are popularly known Viaduc des Arts. The arches of Viaduc’s 64 Vault nearby have several antique shops, art galleries, weavers, porcelain and woodworker’s ateliers. Take a break from the shopping to visit the complex for coffee or lunch from any of the restaurants or the cafes in the area.

Taste Some of the Best Wine Bars

The trouble of getting to the Le Baron Rouge bar too early will be paying for you with diverse wine aficionados and patrons of the neighborhood. There are enough cheap red and white wines along with costly prized vintage wines. If you are really hungry you may also have fresh oysters, cheese and Charcuterie at an affordable rate. Le Siffleur des Ballons is yet another popular bar in the area.

Visiting the spectacular PromenadePlantee

The defunct railway overbridge is included in the history for being the first ever pedestrian walkway above the ground. It is also known as La CouléeVerte, which means ‘The Green Corridor’. The spot alongside the path of the bridge will look the seasons’ best, whether it be winter, summer or falls. Maple trees, Lavender, roses, cherry, and other shaded corridors make the bridge look stunning.

Pick up the Italian Delicacies

You will be taken back to Bologna, Naples or Rome once you visit and taste the Italian dishes served in various Italian restaurants in the area, especially surrounding the market of Marché d’Aligre. The delicacies are exclusively made in the traditional wood-fired ovens to create the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza.

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