Different Things to Do in Paris and Delve into the City like a Local

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Millions of tourists from around the world fly to Paris city every year. Lots of landmarks in the City of Lights end up on the bucket lists of the majority of international tourists. The capital of France is mainly known for scenic cityscapes and monumental sites, and is mostly symbolized by the Eiffel Tower. The wrought-iron lattice structure, which resides along the grassy Champ de Mars, represents the essence of France’s culture and heritage. It is first on any decent list of must-visit places on a private tours Paris.

Other landmarks which attract people to Paris include the Musée du Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Luxembourg Garden, and the Arc de Triomphe. However, the City of Lights has plenty more to offer tourists besides all these. Beyond these art centers and architectural marvels, there is a whole different side to Paris, just waiting to be explored.

Fish in the French Capital

The Seine River helps tourists find their way around when they are stuck. When they do not have a Paris tour guide to help them navigate the cobbled streets, the confused traveler only needs to throw something into the river to know which way it is flowing. If it is flowing down, the “left” flank is to the left, and the “right” one is to the right. That way, one can make out the Left and Right Banks of Paris, and orient themselves properly.

As you probably guessed, fishing is perhaps not the first activity that comes to people’s minds, with the river being relatively polluted. Fishing in the river was popular in the past, as seen in the landscape paintings by the likes of Georges Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh, and what is more, Parisians’ once favorite pastime has been making a definitive comeback. Its popularity has increased in 2009 since the number of fishing permit holders went up to 6,500 in Paris alone. Tourists are welcome to join, as the Paris authorities have made an online map which shows fishing spots along the Canal Saint Martin and the Seine River, so do not forget to pack your fishing gear.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Parc André Citroën offers many different activities which excite people of all ages. It has recreation areas for children, toboggans, ping-pong tables, and a one of a kind balloon which flies. Get on board the largest balloon of its kind to enjoy an overhead view of Paris! From a 150-meter altitude, you can see the city under you and scream at the top of your lungs without a care in the world. Taking this hot air balloon ride is an experience adrenaline junkies must try and get at least once.

The balloon used for the adventure is actually a scientific “tool”, used to measure Paris’s air quality. Rides are offered subject to the persisting weather conditions in the city, so pray for the best climate so you can take flight and enjoy yourself!

Explore the Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs are one of the best-kept secrets you will ever uncover while on one of the private tours Paris can offers options for. They are the final resting places of millions of French people – a large grave if you will. In the past, mortal remains were shifted from a cemetery onto here, because that place closed down from the mass burials caused by a huge wave of deaths.

Now, the Catacombs are a tourist path in the fourteenth arrondissement which gives people the creeps, and many love that feeling. If you want to test how you brave you are, explore the tunnels of these underground ossuaries with no one for company. See if you manage to dare taking a private Catacombs tour Paris sometime. Else, if you are going to explore with someone else, have fun scaring them by booing from a corner.

Other Activities to Do

Boat cruises are popular along the River Seine and Canal Saint Martin. If you are an action movie lover, then explore the tunnels of the St. Martin Canal on a boat. This experience will remind you of the adventures of movie characters, especial Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible – Fallout. You will also want to explore the Marne. The river is just as picturesque as the Seine, but feels more romantic and private in comparison. For its beauty, it has been immortalized in several paintings.

A Parisian picnic with your family is also something that you would enjoy immensely. Do it outdoors, preferably at an urban park or along the Seine. Do not forget to pack baguettes,, and fill your basket of foods with cheese, strawberries, wines, and other refreshments. Do not forget to take your favorite novel along as well. The water flow, people drifting by, and birds singing nearby, should collectively bring the kind of calmness which ever tourist deserves.

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