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The French are famous for their sweet tooth and their fondness to ice creams stands out among the others. The ice cream parlors in Paris offer some of the best ice creams in the world. Below are some of the best Ice cream parlors you can find on your private tours Paris.


This is one of the best parlors in the French capital. It has been a center of attention to tourists and locals since 1960. Expect to see queues of length, standing under the attractive facades with Gothic lettering. It sometimes extends to as long as Île-Saint-Louis. With as much as 60 different flavors on offer, you might be confused while selecting one. Note that 30 of these flavors change according to the season and the choice of the glacier (the ice cream maker). The best ones for you to try out are strawberry sorbet, velvety vanilla, pineapple basil, or salted caramel. You can also mix and match the flavors to create your own combos.

Gelati D’alberto

Alberto’s gelato is a rich ice cream you can try in Paris. It has the nature of a true Italian gelato and is a favorite among travelers. The summer months call for you to enjoy the sorbets. Besides, there are other delights such as stracciatella which is said to be delicious.

Martine Lambert

Martine Lambert is a beloved place for ice cream lovers since it was established in 1975. The highly popular outlet at de Grenelle was opened in 2003 after years of success prior to that. The favorite flavors among ice creams and sorbets are items like hazelnut praline. The flavors that were created here include Baked Alaska. This is a sorbet made over a sponge cake and then covered in Italian meringue. It is one of the favorites in this outlet and definitely worth a try.

Pascal Le Glacier

The Pascal le Glacier is an intricately designed ice cream parlor located in the 16th arrondissements. The experience is artisanal and it will be one of the memorable dessert experiences you will have in the French Capital. They use fresh ingredients and stirs up a whole lot of nostalgia. One of the best flavors you should try is the espresso, which is quite impressive.

À La Mère De Famille

À la Mère de Famille was a renowned chocolatier in the past. They were also a huge success in the confectionery business since the 1700s. Therefore, the shop has a great selection of ice creams, chocolates, and jellies. It also makes this place a must visit place in the summer. Ice cream is offered in a seasonal manner. The traditional chocolate swoop is still one of the best picks in the store. Besides, you can also try a frozen bonbon, which is an ice cream lollipop. These are coated in the caramels, chocolates, or nuts of your choice.


One of the special features of Amorino is that they use completely organic flavors while making ice cream. Besides, the ice cream cone or dish they serve will grab your attention because of the artistic touch. Sometimes, they serve in dishes that are shaped like a rose. This place is a popular spot in summer. There are numerous flavors on offer here and you can choose from the varieties served here that mostly remind you of Italy. Make sure you try the best items like frappes or Italian ice.

Le Bac À Glaces

Located in the 7th arrondissement behind the Le Bon Marché, Le Bac à Glaces is a hotspot for ice cream lovers and has been in service since the 1980s. They offer many creative and traditional choices to ice cream enthusiasts. The façade and interior resemble a French Bistrot. The flavors served change according to the season. Remember that the coconut and pineapple avocados are two great options for you two try.


Raimo has been in the popular ice cream choice of Parisians since 1947. According to the traditional ways of the French, the ice creams are churned and are laid heavy on the cream. This is a complement to the flavor. Located in the Daumesnil neighborhood of 12th arrondissement, this is yet another place you must visit on your Private Tours Paris.


Italian Gelattos are certainly in a class of their own and you can find that out on your own by visiting the Pozzetto. You can appreciate these more if you choose to visit on a hot summer day. Although this gelateria presents lesser choices than the other ones, they pride themselves on the use of traditional methods to produce some of the finest Italian gelatos. Pozzetto is considered the champion of small-batch gelato which are made out of locally sourced ingredients. These are served as alla Italiana using a spatula as opposed to the usual boule, or scoop.

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