Best Indian Restaurants In Paris

Indian Restaurants In Paris
Indian Restaurants In Paris

Paris is always known as the city of love. But only a few people know that it is also the city of food. Paris is a hub of delicious international cuisines. You can find numerous restaurants, both regional and international, along the streets of Paris. If you are craving a slice of pizza, you can easily find an Italian restaurant in Paris.

Many people say that there is nothing like Indian spicy food. How can you resist that spicy aroma of Indian food? But remember, not all Indian dishes are spicy. If you are in your private tours Paris, find some time to visit these Indian restaurants in Paris that serves some of the deliciously spicy and non-spicy Indian dishes.

Delice de L’Inde

This beautiful Indian restaurant is situated in the Batignolles neighborhood in Paris. In the restaurant, along with the delicious Indian food you will also experience Indian hospitality. The service in Delice de L’Inde is one of the best in Paris. For lunch and dinner, you can choose from over seventy dishes. If you stop in for lunch, you can try an authentic Thali, a platter of multiple Indian dishes. Also, the restaurant has plenty of options for the vegans.


Samsara is situated in the north of Paris and not near any touristic places. Therefore, visiting Samsara also make you to explore northern Paris. The meals that they serve in the restaurant are a combination of Indian and Pakistani dishes. This roof-top restaurant offers many affordable dishes, which costs only seven to fifteen dollars. The Samsara is located near the Buttes-Chaumont Park. So, if you are in a mood for a picnic, the restaurant also offers a take-away option.

Krishna Bhavan

This restaurant is a paradise for vegetarians. Vegetarian food is a very important part of South Indian cuisine. Krishna Bhavan is located in the middle of Latin Quarter. The restaurant is just a short walk away from Notre-Dame and the Pantheon. You will be served with an array of new vegan dishes that you have never tried before. Krishna Bhavan is a great spot if you are craving for a vegetarian lunch.

Au Palais Du Grand Moghol

Au Palais Du Grand Moghol is located at the 9th arrondissement. The atmosphere of this beautiful restaurant makes you feel that you are in the middle of New Delhi. The restaurant offers more sophisticated and unique Indian cuisine, that too at affordable prices. The restaurant is very popular among the locals and tourists, therefore we recommend you to make a reservation if you plan to visit.

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