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Paris is an epicenter of culture and history. The city hosts a number of events across the year, which fills up the French capital with varieties of extravagant performances. Ones such as film festivals music festivals, Gay Pride parade, and annual Bastille Day celebrations are some of the main events you will come across in the City of Lights. Below are some of the most attractive festivals that you can attend on your private tours Paris.

Banlieues Bleues

French are big fans of Jazz music. This five-week-long festival conducted yearly celebrates just that, hosting French and international jazz, funk, world music, flamenco blues, R&B, and souls. It is held between March and April in venues located in Seine-St-Denis. The program has been happening for the last 30 years, and the standards are quite high in the festival.

Marathon De Paris

This is one of the liveliest events of Paris. It involves around 35,000 participants in a marathon around the city. The local people also flank the streets to cheer for the running folks, as Paris takes up an enthusiastic mood throughout the weekend. Although it is not the most relaxing of events, it fills the city with a joyous atmosphere. If you wish to take part, make sure that you apply well in advance.

Rock En Seine

This is one of the well-known Paris rock festivals. The event caught the headlines initially when the famous band Oasis split up on August 28, 2009, at Rock en Seine, right before they were due to start the main event. This is a festival that retains the true Parisian style and is held at the park of Château de Saint-Cloud.

Gay Pride March

This is one of the rare sights in the world. It is a procession of people, who celebrate same sex love every year in June. Crowds engulf the streets of Paris and rally around the city with slogans and banners. It is as energetic as it gets. The enthusiasm and passion of the crowd make it a spectacle you cannot miss. You can see some out-of-the-box costumes with a lot of creativity and the colorful hordes walking until fête in Bastille.

Le Tour De France

This is the most reputed long-distance bicycling event in the world. It requires the participants to complete a distance of 3,500 kilometers around Paris. Usually, a sizeable crowd turns up at Place de la Concorde to see the finishing moment when the winner finally punches away in victory at the Champs-Elysées. Schedule you private tours Paris in July if you wish to witness this event.

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