A List of Things you must and must not carry on your Paris City Tours

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Do you have a Paris city tour on your travel list? If yes, you would be pretty much excited. After all, you are going to one of the most beautiful places in the world and there will be hardly any spot in the city that will not give you a momentary paralysis. Besides, the French capital boasts a tag of the fashion capital. Hence, you would be packing almost all your outstanding outfits and accessories. However, most people are likely to make some packing blunders on their trip to Paris city. Note that while you cannot do without certain things in Paris, there is certain stuff that you must leave at your home. For better clarity, you may refer to the list of those stuff that must and must not make it to your luggage on your private tours Paris.

A Small Backpack

Always keep a small backpack with you that pretty much accommodate all your essential things while exploring the French capital. On a related note, make sure to keep a bottle of water, your passport, mobile phone and its charger, other necessary documents, power bank and a camera with you. On the contrary, avoid carrying bulky books, additional or extremely gaudy clothes, hair dryer, coffee maker, etc., with you since it will consume almost every space in your bag and will leave no room for essential things.

Furthermore, you may have to open your bag or sometimes empty it at the security checks at the entrance of most tourist spots in the city. This will be much easier if you are using a smaller bag; bigger baggage will always be a liability for you in such cases. In addition, pick pocketing is a common issue at most tourist posts. Hence, always keep an eye on your bag. Plus, it is recommended to avoid carrying valuables like jewelry pieces, laptop, etc., with you.


As mentioned earlier, you can hardly see a spot in Paris that will not put you into a momentary paralysis. Actually, the beauty and romantic appeal of the city is indefinable. Needless to mention, almost every tourist would love to capture their beautiful moments here as well as the natural beauty of the city. Obviously, you will require a camera for this. However, never go overboard with your gadget; always keep in mind that you are going for a trip, not a professional photo shoot. So, try to carry a small camera with a decent resolution that caters to your requirements. It will be easier for you to carry around as well.

Otherwise, you are likely to be constantly worried about losing your expensive camera. Of course, this will keep you from enjoying your private tours Paris to the fullest. Besides, keeping a USB cable will come handy when you run out of memory. This is a common instance, particularly when you are at such a charismatic location. If you are a photography freak, you may require some accessories such as a tripod, extra lens, etc., but never go overboard. Moreover, never forget to keep your camera charger.

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