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Paris is a city well known for its great history. When attending private tours Paris could take you through a number of chateaux lying within easy reach. This means that it is not necessary to visit Loire Valley to see some of the best chateaux of France. A short trip by bus or train could secure and deliver a far better experience closer to hand.

Versailles Château

When you are asked to think about a château in France, the first thing that is likely to pop up in your mind is the Versailles. Versailles is located at about 20 kilometers towards the southwest area of Paris. This beautiful building was put up for Louis XIV after he saw the Vaux-le-Vicomte. The king called for architect Le Vau, gardener Le Notre, and painter Le Brun, to build his spectacular castle, based on the wonderful work they had already managed to finish.

The grand Versailles Château has about 67 staircases, 700 rooms, and 352 fireplaces. You would be able to get a glimpse of the Hall of Mirrors if you stride through the Grands Appartements. The Peace Treaty of Versailles, which brought World War I to an end, was signed at this place. You could get here by catching a train from Gare Montparnasse to Gare de Versailles. The journey would take only about 28 minutes, and you would also be able to find regular trains. Another option is to choose the RER local rail service C5 to Versailles-Château; you would have to walk for about eight minutes from here to reach your destination.

Château De Rambouillet

This beautiful château is located on the town of Rambouillet in northern France. The beautiful castle is located at a distance of about 62 kilometers from the southwest region of Paris. The interior of the building is decorated beautifully with awesome artworks. The building was made according to the tastes of Louis XVI.

He constructed the royal residence for Marie Antoinette, but she disliked the building and called it a ‘gothic swamp’; she used this expression referring to the medieval architecture of the building, which definitely was not trending at that time. The interior of the beautiful castle was built fully out of seashells. You would also find a massive forest and lake near the castle, which surely made for a good place to wander about. You could reach here in just 34 minutes, by catching a train from Gare Montparnasse.

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