A Helpful Guide to Antique Shopping In Paris

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Antique Shopping Guide

When planning a trip to the capital city of France, one of the main factors that you may think about will be the fashion culture here. After all, Paris is regarded as the fashion capital for the right reasons. While some people may stuff all the best ensembles and accessories they have in their luggage on their Paris tours, some travelers prefer to go lightweight and purchase the best options from the fashion capital itself. Of course, you may find it a bit overwhelming to shop at the City of Lights because of the incredibly vast range of collection.

Unlike most other cities, Paris boasts centuries of fashion culture and the city is likely to be filled with treasures from the past. In fact, most fashionists and celebrities tend to consider Paris when it comes to antique shopping. If you are new to the city, you may find it hard to choose the perfect antique namesake to take home or a unique piece to style your apartment with. In order to help you out with this, below is an appealing list of the best antique dealers, secondhand shops, permanent and temporary markets, unique shops. etc., on your private tours Paris.


The Saint- Germaine neighborhood in Paris is one of the best spots that most people tend to include in their tour itinerary. Well, you can find a stunning vintage store at this very locality. For this, head on to Musée national Eugène Delacroix, this is the former home of the popular romantic painter. You can find Yvelineantiquites right next to this famous landmark.

This antique store was found by Yveline in 1954. Hence, it got the name. Currently, the store is run by the descendants of Yveline. You will be dumbstruck to see the unique variety of antique pieces at this store that ranges from remarkable artworks, embellished candelabras, to luxurious chandeliers and many other charming curiosities.

Galerie J Kugel

The Kugel family was reputed for selling high-quality clocks and watches during the 18th century. The store is situated in a huge mansion designed by popular French architect, Louis Visconti in 1840. So, the mansion itself will be a stunning option for all the antique or architecture buffs out there.

Plus, you can find an unbelievable range of antiques at this store that mainly ranges from the medieval period up to the 1850s. The antique pieces here include scientific instruments, Russian art, jewelry pieces, furniture, silver, crockery, etc. No wonder, the store tends to organize special antique exhibitions regularly.

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