About Us

Paris is a popular destination for tourist from all over the world. The hordes of travelers flocking its landmarks and popular haunts are a testament to how widely this city is considered a place worth visiting. That said, not every tourist that comes here manages to leave happy, despite Paris offering plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy oneself. A lot of people fail to make the most of their trip because they do little other than visit run-of-the-mill attractions.

This does not a good tour make, and while it does work for some, others would see it as tedium, unless they encountered some unexpected excitement in the meantime. Each experience matters at the end of the day, and these are what we help you make memorable and fun. That way, you can be glad of your money and time having been well spent. We assist tourists in picking out and enjoying the finest activities based on how they want to remember their trip to Paris, through helpful information on a plethora of things which apply when they are in the City of Lights.

For example, commute options figure heavily in how your tour pans out. Not every landmark and attraction that you may wish to visit can be reached easily by foot, which means it is imperative to know the routes between places, or at least what buses and trains to catch to get somewhere that is at a distance. Then there is also the matter of conserving energy for the tour you had in mind; Paris is not a city you can enjoy yourself fully while feeling run down. For the best experience while in the city, it is best to start out with an idea of where to go each day, and in what order.

We can help you with all that. Our long time catering to tourist interests, as well as a healthy preference for staying updated, lets us guide you on which neighborhoods to check out, stores to visit for souvenirs, places and websites to buy passes to events and establishments, etc. You could be travelling solo or in a group, and either way, you would benefit from the tips we provide on timing and planning activities to allow for the best experiences. Call us when you are headed here, and we will make sure your time in Paris is one worth remembering.