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Picking a diamond ring from a host of choices is a tricky decision indeed. Out of all the common diamond rings, the most popular ones are round brilliant diamonds and princess cut diamonds. These are considered timeless due to a number of factors. When it comes to picking one among these two, you need to consider several factors. Below is a discussion on the most important features to consider as you look to purchase one of these designs despite reading the Beverly diamond complaints.

Princess Cut Diamonds vs. Round Cut Diamonds

The brilliant round cut was initially introduced in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky. Ever since, they have been the most famous and popular diamond shape. The creator utilized scientific ideas to create and cut a shape that would boost the stone’s splendor and brilliance. The round cut is composed of 58 cuts. Still, they manage to maintain a huge proportion of the stone’s actual weight. Due to their stunning symmetry, they catch the light perfectly. This ensures that the stone’s characteristic brilliance, fire, and shimmer are showcased.

The princess cut, on the other hand, was not introduced until 1961. Arpad Nagy, a diamond cutter from London, is credited for creating a shape called the profile cut. Even though the name did not remain the same, its shape was termed as princess cut. They have a unique shape and a high degree of sparkle. They are regularly a square even though it can have a somewhat rectangular framework. The outline depends on the initial diamond’s cut and the taste of the buyer.

Affordability of Princess Cut and Round Cut Diamonds

Numerous variables could influence the cost of a diamond. Considering everything and matching both stones carat for carat, you will understand that square princess diamonds are cheaper than round brilliant stones. In other words, they have a lower cost for each carat than the round cut stones.

The Reason? Jewel cutters regularly use almost 80% of the rough stone when they make a princess cut stone. This implies that about 20% of the rough stone would be wasted. You have to note that a significant amount of rough diamond when they make a round cut stones. As a result, they are naturally priced higher than the princess cut diamonds.

The above points cover certain basic facts about round brilliant diamonds and princess cut diamonds. Keep them in mind if you are looking to purchase them.

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